Milano  8 Marzo - 9 Aprile
Studio Museo Francesco Messina
e altri dieci spazi in città

The nights of Tino from Bagdad | by ConiglioViola


coniglioviola milano

The nights of Tino of Baghdad in Milan

ConiglioViola: The Nights of Tino from Baghdad Studio Museo Francesco Messina, Milan and other ten sites in Milan 8 March...

Tino app for iOS and Android

Our free augmented reality app TINO – powered by TIM  – is now avaiable for iOS on App Store.  ...

Free TINO app now on Google Play

Free TINO app now on Google Play

TINO – our augmented reality free app developed by TIM – is now available on Google Play. The iOS version...

Invisible Cities Gorizia

Tino at In/Visible Cities festival

From June 3rd to 7th The nighst of Tino from Bagdad will be part of the festival In/visible Cities in...

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